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The Elevayta Extra Boy Pro VST plug-in is a program for editing and managing a stereo audio track. The features of the application allow the user to isolate, remove, suppress or enhance any part of the track in real-time.

The program also has a unique 2D Mode Spectral-Spatial freehand audio signature editing function which provides arbitrary manipulation of any part of a stereo mix.

The Elevayta Extra Boy Pro VST plug-in also allows vertical scrolling of a high-res Spectral-Spatial display with up to 200 independent Regions-of-Interest (ROI) which can be selected or deleted.

The program is also highly flexible for fine tuning, isolating or removing ROIs, and boosting or suppressing individual instruments using a single slider.

It also has a user configurable startup mode and latency which is determined by the maximum desired quality of the audio. Elevayta Extra Boy Pro VST plug-in can be used by music editors, sound mixers and many other professionals.

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